Marko Laboratory Publications

2006-present (NU)

Heterochromatin flexibility contributes to chromosome segregation in the cell nucleus
M. Girard, M. O. de la Cruz, J. F. Marko, A. Erbas
bioRXiv preprint (2021)

High-resolution, genome-wide mapping of positive supercoiling in chromosomes
M.S. Guo, R. Kawamura, M. Littlehale, J.F. Marko, M.T. Taub
bioRXiv preprint (2021)

DNA tension-modulated translocation and loop extrusion by SMC complexes revealed by molecular dynamics simulations
S. Nomidis, S. Gruber, E. Carlon, J. F. Marko
bioRXiv preprint (2021)

HP1α is a chromatin crosslinker that controls nuclear and mitotic chromosome mechanics
A.R. Strom, R.J. Biggs, E. J. Banigan, X. Wang, K. Chiu, C. Herman, J. Collado, F. Yue, J.C. Ritland Politz, L.J. Tait, D. Scalzo, A. Telling, M. Groudine, C.P. Brangwynne, J.F. Marko, A.D. Stephens
eLife 10, e63972 (2021)

Single-molecule micromanipulation studies of methylated DNA
T. Zaichuk, J. F. Marko
Biophys. J. 120, 2148-2155 (2021) [8 pages].

Compartment-dependent chromatin interaction dynamics revealed by liquid chromatin Hi-C
H. Belaghzal, T. Borrman, A.D. Stephens, D.L. Lafontaine, S.V. Venev, Z. Weng, J.F. Marko, J. Dekker
Nat. Genetics 53, 367-378 (2021) [12 pages]

The Smc5/6 Core Complex Is a Structure-Specific DNA Binding and Compacting Machine
D. Serrano, G. Cordero, R. Kawamura, A. Sverzhinsky, M. Sarker, S. Roy, C. Malo, J.M. Pascal, J.F. Marko, D. D'Amours
Mol. Cell 80, 1025-1038 (2020) [14 pages]

Coarse-grained modelling of DNA plectoneme pinning in the presence of base-pair mismatches
P.R. Desai, S. Brahmachari, J.F. Marko, S. Das, K.C. Neuman
Nucl. Acids Res. 48, 10713-25 (2020) [13 pages]

Micromanipulation of prophase I chromosomes from mouse spermatocytes reveals high stiffness and gel-like chromatin organization
R.J. Biggs, N. Liu, Y. Peng, J.F. Marko, H. Qiao
Commun. Biol. 3, 542 (2020) [7 pages].

Chromosome organization by one-sided and two-sided loop extrusion
E.J. Banigan, A.A. van den Berg, H.B. Brandao, J.F. Marko, L.A. Mirny
eLife 9, e53558 (2020) [46 pages].

Physics and biology (of chromosomes)
J.F. Marko
J. Mol. Biol. 432, 621-31 (2020) [10 pages].

Chromosome disentanglement driven via optimal compaction of loop-extruded brush structures
S. Brahmachari, J.F. Marko
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 116, 24956-65 (2019) [10 pages].

How do DNA-bound proteins leave their binding sites? The role of facilitated dissociation
A. Erbas, J.F. Marko
Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 53, 118-124 (2019) [7 pages].

Mechanical unfolding of spectrin reveals a super-exponential dependence of unfolding rate on force
J.P. Renn, S. Bhattacharyya, H. Bai, C. He, H. Li, A.F. Oberhauser, J.F. Marko, D.E. Makarov, A. Matouschek
Sci. Rep. 9, 11101 (2019) [13 pages].

Physicochemical mechanotransduction alters nuclear shape and mechanics via heterochromatin formation
A.D. Stephens, P.Z. Liu, V. Kandula, H. Chen, L.M. Almassalha, C. Herman, V. Backman, T. O'Halloran, S.A. Adam, R.D. Goldman, E.J. Banigan, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cell 30, 2320-2330 (2019) [11 pages].

DNA-segment-capture model for loop extrusion by structural maintenance of chromosome (SMC) protein complexes
J.F. Marko, P. De Los Rios, A. Barducci, S. Gruber
Nucl. Acids. Res. 47, 6956-6972 (2019) [17 pages].

Receptor-ligand rebinding kinetics in confinement
A. Erbas, M. Olvera de la Cruz, J.F. Marko
Biophys. J. 116, 1609-1624 (2019) [16 pages].

Multimodal interference-based imaging of nanoscale structure and macromolecular motion uncovers UV induced cellular paroxysm
S. Gladstein, L.M. Almassalha, L. Cherkezyan, J.E. Chandler, A. Eshein, A. Eid, D. Zhang, W. Wu, G.M. Bauer, A.D. Stephens, S. Morochnik, H. Subramanian, J.F. Marko, G.A. Ameer, I. Szleifer, V. Backman
Nature. Comm. 10, 1652 (2019) [15 pages].

Chromatin's physical properties shape the nucleus and its functions
A.D. Stephens, E. Banigan, J.F. Marko,
Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 58, 76-84 (2019) [9 pages].

Twist-bend coupling and the statistical mechanics of the twistable wormlike-chain model of DNA: Perturbation theory and beyond
S.K. Nomidis, E. Skoruppa, E. Carlon, J.F. Marko,
Phys. Rev. E, 99, 032414 (2019) [16 pages].

Effects of altering histone post-translational modifications on mitotic chromosome structure and mechanics
R. Biggs, P.Z. Liu, A.D. Stephens, J.F. Marko,
Mol. Biol. Cell 30, 820-827 (2019) [8 pages].

DNA Mechanics and Topology
S. Brahmachari, J.F. Marko,
Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 1092, 11-39 (2018) [29 pages].

Condensin controls mitotic chromosome stiffness and stability without forming a structurally contiguous scaffold
M. Sun, R. Biggs, J. Hornick, J.F. Marko,
Chrom. Res. 26, 277-295 (2018) [19 pages].

Bend-Induced Twist Waves and the Structure of Nucleosomal DNA.
E. Skruppa, S.K. Nomidis, J.F. Marko, E. Carlon,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 088101 (2018) [5 pages].

Defect-facilitated buckling in supercoiled double-helix DNA.
S. Brahmachari, A. Dittmore, Y. Takagi, K.C. Neuman, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 97, 022416 (2018) [12 pages].

Effects of electrostatic interactions on ligand dissociation kinetics.
A. Erbas, M. Olvera de la Cruz, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 97, 022405 (2018) [12 pages].

DNA Mechanics
J.F. Marko
Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics, Ch. 1, pp. 3-39, Elsevier (2018) [37 pages].

Single-molecule magnetic tweezer analysis of topoisomerases
K.H. Gunn, J.F. Marko, A. Mondragon
Methods Mol. Biol. 1703, 139-152 (2018) [14 pages]

Separate roles for chromatin and lamins in nuclear mechanics
A.D. Stephens, E.J. Banigan, J.F. Marko
Nucleus 9, 119-124 (2017) [6 pages].

Chromatin histone modifications and rigidity affect nuclear morphology independent of lamins
A.D. Stephens, P.Z. Liu, E.J. Banigan, L.M. Almassalha, V. Backman, S.A. Adam, R.D. Goldman, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cell 29, 220-233 (2018) [14 pages].

Oligomerization and ATP stimulate condensin-mediated DNA compaction
R.A. Keenholtz, T. Dhanaraman, R. Palou, J. Yu, D. D'Amours, J.F. Marko
Sci. Rep. 7, 14279 (2017) [13 pages].

Nucleation of multiple buckled structures in intertwined DNA double helices
S. Brahmachari, K.H. Gunn, R.D. Giuntoli, A. Mondragon, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 188103 (2017) [5 pages].

Supercoiling DNA locates mismatches
A. Dittmore, S. Brahmachari, Y. Takagi, J.F. Marko, K.C. Neuman
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 147801 (2017) [5 pages].

Mechanics and buckling of biopolymeric shells and cell nuclei
E.J. Banigan, A.D. Stephens, J.F. Marko
Biophys. J. 113, 1654-1663 (2017) [10 pages].

A comparison of nucleosome organization in Drosophila cell lines
R.L. Martin, J. Maiorano, G.J. Beitel, J.F. Marko, G. McVicker, Y.N. Fondufe-Mittendorf,
PLOSOne 12, e0178590 (2017) [23 pages].

Torque and buckling of stretched intertwined double-helix DNAs
S. Brahmachari, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 95, 052401 (2017) [16 pages].

An orthogonal single-molecule experiment reveals multiple-attempt dynamics of type IA topoisomerases
K.H. Gunn, J.F. Marko, A. Mondragon
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 24, 484-490 (2017) [7 pages].

Facilitated dissociation of transcription factors from single DNA binding sites
R.I. Kamar, E.J. Banigan, A. Erbas, R.D. Giuntoli, M. Olvera de la Cruz, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114, E3251-7 (2017) [7 pages].

Chromatin and lamin A determine two different mechanical response regimes of the cell nucleus.
A.D. Stephens, E.J. Banigan, S.A. Adam, R.D. Goldman, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cell 28, 1984-1996 (2017) [13 pages].

Crossover-site sequence and DNA torsional stress control strand interchanges by the Bxb1 site-specific serine recombinase
R.A. Keenholtz, N.D.F. Grindley, G.F. Hatfull, J.F. Marko
Nucl. Acids Res. 44, 8921-8932 (2016) [12 pages].

Cell division: A sticky problem for chromosomes
C. Brangwynne, J.F. Marko
Nature (News and Views) 535, 234-235 (2016) [2 pages].

An assay for 26S proteasome activity based on fluorescence anisotropy measurements of dye-labeled protein substrates
S. Bhattacharyya, J.P. Renn, H. Yu, J.F. Marko, A. Matouschek
Anal. Biochem. 509, 50-59 (2016) [10 pages].

Dependence of the structure and mechanics of metaphase chromosomes on oxidized cysteines
A. Eastland, R. Kawamura, J. Hornick, J.F. Marko
Chrom. Res. 24, 339-353 (2016) [15 pages].

Chromosome Compaction by Active Loop Extrusion
A. Goloborodko, J.F. Marko, L. Mirny
Biophys. J. 110, 2162-8 (2016) [7 pages].

Compaction and segregation of sister chromatids via active loop extrusion
A. Goloborodko, M.V. Imakaev, J.F. Marko, L. Mirny
eLife 5, e14864 (2016) [16 pages].

Facilitated dissociation of a nucleoid protein from the bacterial chromosome
N. Hadizadeh, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
J. Bact. 198, 1735-1742 (2016) [8 pages].
J Bact. cover story and image

Controlled rotation mechanism of DNA strand exchange by the Hin serine recombinase
B. Xiao, M.M. McLean, X. Lei, J.F. Marko, R.C. Johnson
Sci. Rep. 6, 23697 (2016) [13 pages].

Role of transcription factor-mediated nucleosome disassembly in PHO5 gene expression
H. Kharerin, P.J. Bhat, J.F. Marko, R. Padinhateeri
Sci. Rep. 6, 20319 (2016) [7 pages].

Self-propulsion and interactions of catalytic particles in a chemically active medium
E.J. Banigan, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E. 93, 012611 (2016) [10 pages].

Forces, fluctuations, and self-organization in the nucleus.
T. Pederson, M.C. King, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cel 26, 3915-9 (2015) [5 pages].

DNA-segment-facilitated dissociation of Fis and NHP6A from DNA detected via single-molecule mechanical response
R.D. Giuntoli, N.B. Linzer, E.J. Banigan, C.E. Sing, M. Olvera de la Cruz, J.S. Graham, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
J. Mol. Biol. 427, 3123-36 (2015) [14 pages].

Age-associated alterations in the micromechanical properties of chromosomes in the mammalian egg
J.E. Hornick, F.E. Duncan, M. Sun, R. Kawamura, J.F. Marko, T.K. Woodruff
J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. 32, 765-769 (2015) [5 pages].

Biophysics of protein-DNA interactions and chromosome organization
J.F. Marko
Physica A 418, 126-153 (2015) [28 pages].

Single-molecule analysis uncovers the difference between the kinetics of DNA decatenation by bacterial topoisomerases I and III.
K. Terekhova, J.F. Marko, A. Mondragon
Nucl. Acids. Res. 42, 11657-67 (2014) [11 pages].

Nuclear physics (of the cell, not the atom)
T. Pederson, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cell. 25, 3466-69 (2014) [4 pages].

Torque correlation length and stochastic twist dynamics of DNA
E.J. Banigan, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 89, 062706 (2014) [7 pages]

There is a factor of 2 error in some of the equations; if you are interested please consult the erratum.

Stochastic ratchet mechanisms for replacement of proteins bound to DNA
S. Cocco, J.F. Marko, R. Monasson
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 238101 (2014) [4 pages]

Multiple-binding-site mechanism explains concentration-dependent unbinding rates of DNA-binding proteins
C.E. Sing, M.O. de la Cruz, J.F. Marko
Nucl. Acids Res. 42 3783-91 (2014) [9 pages].

Nucleosome positioning and kinetics near transcription-start-site barriers are controlled by interplay between active remodeling and DNA sequence
J.J. Parmar, J.F. Marko, R. Padinhateeri
Nucleic Acids Res. 42 128-36 (2014) [9 pages].

Global force-torque phase diagram for the DNA double helix: Structural transitions, triple points, and collapsed plectonemes
J.F. Marko, S. Neukirch
Phys. Rev. E 88, 062722 (2013) [18 pages].

Binding-rebinding dynamics of proteins interacting nonspecifically with a long DNA molecule
A. Parsaeian, M.O. de la Cruz, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 88, 040703(R) (2013) [4 pages].

The SMC1-SMC3 cohesin heterodimer structures DNA through supercoiling-dependent loop formation
M. Sun, T. Nishino, J.F. Marko
Nucleic Acids Res. 41, 6149-60 (2013) [12 pages].

A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells
Physical Sciences - Oncology Centers Network
Sci Rep. 3, 1449 (2013) [12 pages].

Studies of bacterial topoisomerases I and III at the single-molecule level
K. Terekhova, J.F. Marko, A. Mondragon
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ATP hydrolysis enhances RNA recognition and antiviral signal transduction by the innate immune sensor LGP2
A.M. Bruns, D. Pollpeter, N. Hadizadeh, S. Myong, J.F. Marko, C.M. Horvath
J. Biol. Chem. 288, 938-946 (2013) [9 pages].

Range of interaction between DNA-bending proteins is controlled by the second-longest correlation length for bending fluctuations
H. Zhang, J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 248301 (2012) [5 pages].

Histone H1 compacts DNA under force and during chromatin assembly.
B. Xiao, B.S. Freedman, K.E. Miller, R. Heald, J.F. Marko
Mol. Biol. Cell 23, 4864-71 (2012) [8 pages].

Variation of the folding and dynamics of the Escherichia coli chromosome with growth conditions.
N. Hadizadeh Yazdi, C.C. Guet, R.C Johnson, J.F. Marko
Mol. Micro. 86, 1318-33 (2012) [16 pages].
Comment on this paper by L. Le Chat and O. Espeli.

Self-organization of domain structures by DNA-loop-extruding enzymes
E. Alipour, J.F. Marko,
Nucl. Acids Res. 40, 11202-12 (2012) [11 pages].

Remote control of DNA-acting enzymes by varying the Brownian dynamics of a distant DNA end
H. Bai, J.E. Kath, F.M. Zorgiebel, M. Sun, P. Ghosh, G.F. Hatfull, N.D.F. Grindley, J.F. Marko.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 16546-51 (2012) [6 pages].

Bacterial topoisomerase I and topoisomerase III relax supercoiled DNA via distinct pathways.
K. Terekhova, K.H. Gunn, J.F. Marko, A. Mondragon,
Nucl. Acids Res. 40, 10432-40 (2012) [9 pages].

The mitotic chromosome: structure and mechanics (book chapter, click here for PDF)
J.F. Marko
in Genome Organization and Function in the Cell Nucleus, ed. K. Rippe, Wiley-VCH, Ch. 18, 449-485, (2012) [37 pages]

The liquid drop nature of nucleoli (Commentary)
J.F. Marko
Nucleus 3, 115-7 (2012) [3 pages].

Competition between curls and plectonemes near the buckling transition of stretched supercoiled DNA
J.F. Marko, S. Neukirch
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Counting proteins bound to a single DNA molecule
J.S. Graham, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
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Underwound DNA under Tension: Structure, Elasticity, and Sequence-Dependent Behaviors
M.Y. Sheinin, S. Forth, J.F. Marko, M.D. Wang
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Nucleosome positioning in a model of active chromatin remodeling enzymes
R. Padinhateeri, J.F. Marko
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 7799-803 (2011) [5 pages].

Single-molecule analysis reveals the molecular bearing mechanism of DNA strand exchange by a serine recombinase
H. Bai, M. Sun, P. Ghosh, G.F. Hatfull, N.D.F. Grindley, J.F. Marko
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 108, 7419-24 (2011) [6 pages].

Force-driven unbinding of proteins HU and Fis from DNA quantified using a thermodynamic Maxwell relation
B. Xiao, H. Zhang, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko,
Nucl. Acids Res. 39, 5568-77 (2011) [10 pages].

Scaling of linking and writhing numbers for spherically confined and topologically equilibrated flexible polymers
J.F. Marko
J. Stat. Phys. 142, 1353-1370 (2011) [18 pages].

Analytical description of extension, torque and supercoiling radius of a stretched, twisted DNA
S. Neukirch, J.F. Marko,
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Micromechanics of human mitotic chromosomes
M. Sun, R. Kawamura, J.F. Marko
Phys. Biol. 8, 015003 (2011) [10 pages].

Transition dynamics and selection of the distinct S-DNA and strand unpeeling modes of double helix overstretching
H. Fu, H. Chen, X. Zhang, Y. Qu, J.F. Marko, J. Yan,
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Intrinsic and force-generated cooperativity in a theory of DNA-bending proteins
H. Zhang and J.F. Marko
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Concentration-dependent exchange accelerates turnover of proteins bound to double-stranded DNA
J.S. Graham, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
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Interdependence of behavioural variability and response to small stimuli in bacteria.
H. Park, W. Pontius, C.C. Guet, J.F. Marko, T. Emonet, P. Cluzel
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Modulation of HU-DNA interactions by salt concentration and applied force
B. Xiao, R.C. Johnson, J.F. Marko
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Two distinct overstretched DNA states
H. Fu, H. Chen, J.F. Marko, J. Yan
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Mitotic chromosomes are constrained by topoisomerase II-sensitive DNA entanglements
R. Kawamura, L.H. Pope, M.O. Christensen, M. Sun, K. Terekhova, F. Boege, Ch. Mielke, A.H. Andersen, J.F. Marko
J. Cell Biol. 188, 653-63 (2010) [11 pages]

Linking topology of large DNA molecules
J. F. Marko
Physica A 389, 2297-3001 (2010) [5 pages]

Barrier-to-autointegration factor (BAF) condenses DNA by looping
D. Skoko, M. Lia, Y. Huang, M. Mizuuchi, M. Cai, C.M. Bradley, P.J. Pease, B. Xiao, J.F. Marko, R. Craige, K. Mizuuchi,
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Linking topology of tethered polymer rings with applications to chromosome segregation and estimation of the knotting length
J.F. Marko
Phys. Rev. E 79, 051905 (2009) [16 pages]

Micromechanics of single supercoiled DNA molecules
J.F. Marko
Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions Series: The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications , Vol. 150 Benham, C.J.; Harvey, S.; Olson, W.K.; Sumners, D.W.L.; Swigon, D. (Eds.) 2009, XII, 368 p. (Springer, New York), Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4419-0669-4, pp. 225-249. (click here for reprint)

Micromechanical studies of mitotic chromosomes
J.F. Marko
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1996-2006 (UIC)

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Introduction to single-DNA micromechanics in Multiple aspects of DNA and RNA from biophysics to bioinformatics Les Houches Session LXXXII, 211-270 (Elsevier, 2005)
Note that the last terms of Eqs. 4.8 and 4.9 should be each a factor of two smaller than what was printed.
Thanks to B. Duplantier for noticing this typo.

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